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  • musiclovah
    This is my first ever playlist! I've decided to start off with a beach playlist since, in here, I haven't come across a really good beach playlist that I can relate with. So here it is for all you Beach Aficionados out there who want the perfect songs to listen to when you come to the beach.. while sunbathing.. surfing.. jetskiing.. re...
    Bona Fide Beach Playlist - Listen, Relax &...
  • randumbs
    Bad Mood? Need a song to help fuel that bad mood? Or maybe a melody to assist level out the bad mood? Either way, there's enough songs here to keep the mind at ease (or fuel the fire). Again, some songs have been left out for size sakes. I can't fit every perfect song onto the list.
    Bad Mood?
  • purplefez
    A potted and admittedly selective history of electro/experimentalism through the ages - kicking it all off with the mighty Silver Apples, finishing up with the inimitable Mark E Smith and two of Mouse on Mars adopting the guise of a German medicine magnate. There are so many more I could add to this - sadly I haven't got the time. Perh...
  • buddhaspop
    It's harvest time...Basically, this playlist was meant to be built from the ground up and has been harvested from my nicotine-stained collection. I truly believe each of the tracks here are seeds in themselves for other playlists down the road. Also, I tried my best catergorizing the mood, but it was tough choosing from the list belo...
    Poppy's Seeds
  • Tinana
    In the past couple of days I had a semi-revelation that something I tried to convince myself was okay really isn't. I say "semi" because I think I already pretty much knew it wasn't. Needless to say I'm pretty down in the dumps right now.
    Spin Me Some Sad Story
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    "Play in sequence with fade in/out make transits really good."
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