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  • bbrodka
    Rolling Stone magazine, in its 40th anniversary edition, has published a list of 40 songs that changed the world. No real intro that I could find as to the context, except what does "change the world"mean. (I know none of them cured our dependence on fossil fuels, norimproved the taste of Brussels sprouts, so they didn't REALLY change ...
    40 Songs That Changed The World
  • punchbison
    Not all breakups force you to drown your sorrows in a gallon of ice cream.Not all breakups are reason for you to egg your ex's house every night for two weeks.Sometimes, you just know that the relationship isn't going any further. And it might suck, and you might be upset, but you know it's the right thing to do. Whether you've decided...
    Nothing Lasts Forever
  • rockchick
    You already know how to count. You can count 'till a million.Flowers, Clouds, People, even problems..So, I dare you to count songs.Count melodies, count emotions, count songs that move you, count lyrics.Let's start.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
    One, Two, Three, Four, Five.
  • meelo3
    Dear ladies and gentlemen,since I presented my first Finest House playlist in may summer has passed and I'm back from Ibiza,London,Barcelona and Prag.I had a wonderful time visiting the clubs all over Europe,especially the ones where good bangin house music was played.After my 5-week-holiday I came back to Germany and started mixing fo...
    Finest House After Summer Mix October 2006...
  • Brok23
    This Playlist was inspired by a friend of mine I haven't seen in years. I sent her this as a cd filled with songs that currently are great hits that go played and un noticed. They are lyrically beautiful as well as musically.
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  • Ariane
    "i love this :)"
  • Eric Clapton All Time Greatest Hits
    "Perfect list for relaxation."
  • Work It Out
    "I like your playlist."
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