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  • prettygirl
    In this fast-moving world of declining album sales and legal download sites, we find ourselves more and more drawn to songs. A song can give us exactly what we want from music at any given moment. And a personal playlist, mixing artists and eras, moods and genres, can say more about us - who we are, how we feel, how we see the world - ...
    50 Best Songs Ever
  • caofrance
    I am an addictive person so when I hear a song I really like, I keep listening to it over and over again, for many months ...until I get sick with it. So here's a list of recent songs I've been listening to compulsively and that are not deleted yet from my mp3 player.
    Songs I'm Addicted To
  • mmysl117
    A very angry mix that builds in speed, intensity, dissonance, and complexity in an almost exponential fashion. Warning this mix may compel you to: drive alot faster, hit things and or people, have road rage, throw heavy objects, utilize firearms and or explosive substances. Thank you for heeding the warnings on this description. Enjoy...
    Exponentially Increasing Anger
  • Autologic
    Good relaxing rock music for sleeping. Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Turn the lights off, put this on and slide into bed. I listen to it almost every night. Garanteed to get you to sleep fast! Also, buy "Dark Side Of The Moon" by Pink Floyd, it's incredibly relaxing. You may want to experiment with the order.
    Music For Sleeping
  • kaiidy
    Have u ever heard of all these GREAT songs?U could NEVER get bored with THIS playlist!Trust me..let me tell you why:I don't now if all these songs are known, maybe all of the artists sound familiar to you :-)Probably they all do... Anyways, I'll tell you which songs are good for what :-PThose 2 songs of Muse are a bit different of the ...
    Ideal Funny & Funky Beats! Recommended2all...
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  • Ariane
    "i love this :)"
  • Eric Clapton All Time Greatest Hits
    "Perfect list for relaxation."
  • Work It Out
    "I like your playlist."
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