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  • hashbrowns
    A playlist designed for a long summer journey out of the busy city; it starts out upbeat and nostalgic while you're pulling out of the driveway and leaving the stresses of city life behind. From there, it continues with the upbeat bounciness as you realize you're free for the next 9 weeks, and think of the great times you will have all...
  • docx951
    This list has actually been on my computer for over 2 months...I just didn't have the time to get it uploaded.But...that's not entirely true.I wasn't sure if this list did the subject justice. I came up with it in the "spur of the moment" way, trying to cover a variety of music styles while not relying too much on the obvious picks (H...
    Ax-cellent: 25 Great Guitar Solos
  • s0nny80y
    If you've ever watched Samurai Champloo, you'll probably recognize these songs that make the anime different from any other. Actually, I was interested in the soundtrack way before I ever saw an episode of Samurai Champloo. Anyways, Nujabes is one of the best hip-hop/nu-jazz/lounge producers--I personally think--that can change the rap...
    Absolute Nujabes
  • adamn
    This is a playlist I compiled of songs having to do with life and the journey in finding one's self. Many of these songs aren't deep in meaning on the surface but I have found that when "crusin'" along, whether it be in video games or real life these are the songs that inspire me to race my heart out or live every second to its fulles...
    Songs People Love To Roll Along To
  • tempusfugit
    These songs are 100% inspirational because they speak of hope, change, a better world and nost of all, not giving up. Boulevard of Dreams may be the odd ball out of this list but I think it's quite inspirational to "walk alone." At one point or another, we are all alone and should find ourselves at peace with that. If you have other...
    Life Inspires
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  • Ariane
    "i love this :)"
  • Eric Clapton All Time Greatest Hits
    "Perfect list for relaxation."
  • Work It Out
    "I like your playlist."
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