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  • Janepen
    So this is my playlist of my favorite 90s songs. My friends and I used to sing and dance to these all the time, and we were thinking back the to those times the other day and I decided to make a playlist to help us remember. So I hope you enjoy it...Leave a comment please!!!
    Childhood Memories!!! (A.K.A. The 90's)
  • shydreamer
    Some are cute (my favourite),some are fun and some are sad..most of these songs just help me relax when somethings stressing me out or bothering me,hope you like!
    My Relaxing Mix
  • muffinhoe
    I'm a mezzo soprano belter with a passion for musical theatre, and my favorite place to sing is in the shower. These are some of my favorite shower singing companion tracks. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, all beautiful, these songs are just fun to sing. Whether you're Broadway bound or your concerts will never get past the shampoo bot...
    Shower Songstress (Broadway, Baby!)
  • uao
    This is #18 in the Randomplay Archivist series. Like always, this should be considered an overview, not a best-of. Get a more in-depth profile of each of the songs in this playlist in The Randomplay Archivist.
    Trip Hop
  • meelo3
    Immagine it's Saturday eve and you are sitting in a club on Ibiza with a Martini Bianco in your hand. At one o'clock the music is starting to get better. No hip hop, no reggaeton, not commercial music, but house, good house. At two o'clock you start getting in a good moode, cuz the music is tearing you up. At half past two you're on t...
    The Killer-Club-House Playlist 2006
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    "Great Playlist. Where are the other 50?"
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    "wow :)"
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    "Play in sequence with fade in/out make transits really good."
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