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  FIQL Forum Announcements New! Customize your homepage
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Joined: Dec. 20, 2004
Posts: 167
Posted: September 08, 2006 - 12:15PM    
A new custom homepage

We're at it again, redesigning the homepage so that it's a whole lot cleaner plus it gives props out to all of you who are creating playlists. So be sure to include a photo in your profile so the world can see you in your full glory.

Also, now you can customize the homepage by choosing what shows up in the main playlist area. Look for the "Edit Tabs" link when you've signed in and you can choose form several options now, such as displaying your playlists, your saved playlists, even your friends. This is just a taste of the customization we're going to be allowing so if anyone has other ideas for what they'd like to see as an otpion on the homepage, please let us know.

FIQL Forum Announcements New! Customize your homepage

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