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  FIQL Groups Buy Lithium Carbonate Buy Lithium Carbonate
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Related post: their remissions and paroxysms, their chronicity, and their tendency to recurrence, these being the characters which distinguish the dysentery itself. The essential lesion both in liver and intestine is a necrosis. The abscess may appear first, but usually it accompanies or follows the dysentery, even appearing many years after the latter has been completely cured. The pus is yellow, bile- stained, or chocolate -colored, and is often so thick that it is missed by the Lithium Carbonate Buy exploring needle. It is mostly sterile, sometimes contains the colon ba- cillus, and very rarely the amoeba dysenterica; but the question still remains open as to whether these organisms cause or follow the primary le- sion. The pus, even when apparently sterile, can produce other abscesses which in turn contain only sterile pus. When the abscess points up- ward it may readily be detected by the X-rays. The authors found that of nearly five hundred cases of abscess of the liver Buy Lithium Carbonate 85 per cent, were associated with dysentery. ! Pyrainidon.— W. PauJi (Centrolb. f. Therapy .?l^ 504 MEDICAL PROGKESS. [Medical News March, 1900) lauds the antipyretic and antinen- ralgic properties of Order Lithium Carbonate Online pyramidon and finds it the best substitute for the salicylates in acute rheu- matism. It may cause profuse perspiration with- out collapse and never irritates the alimentary canal. It is only when the functions of the sys- tem are much disturbed that undesirable symp- toms are seen; thus, one anemic patient experienced painful paresthesia, and a second, suffering from advanced mitral insufficiency and stenosis, developed a morbilliform eruption. Open Treatment of Freah Fraoturet. — C. L. Scudder (Bost. Med. Surg. Jour., March 22, 1900) drawing his material from the cases of fracture in the Massachusetts General Hospital, which were examined from one to seven years after treatment, says that in adult life 69 per cent, and in old age 100 per cent, of the results by the ordinary methods of treatment were imper- fect. He classes as imperfect results those cases in which there is deformity, persistent pain, ten- derness, impaired function and inability to en- dure prolonged use. These poor results are due to incomplete reduction, and faulty iimnobiliza- tion. Often satisfactory reduction is impossible because of bone- fragments, interposed shreds of soft tissue, blood, the interference of muscular contractions, or the obliquity of fracture-sur- faces. Often the conditions of a fracture are such that no form of apparatus can hold the frag- ments in proper alignment. Since these hin- drances exist in nearly every fracture, and since the percentage of imperfect results by ordinary methods of treatment Generic Lithium Carbonate is so high, it would seem to be the part of sound surgery to cut down on fractures, remove blood-clot, get good apposi- tion and fixation of fragments, and repair as far as possible the damage to soft parts. The fear of adopting this procedure is one of the legacies of preantiseptic days. At present there is less danger in an open than in a closed fracture. Osteomalaaia. — A. Littauer ( Tkerap. Mo- natshft., March. 1900) mentions among early symptoms of this disease muscular weakness, nervous irritability, paresis of the iliopsoas, con- tractures of the adductors and increased reflexes. Later, the bending of the bones, pains on loco- motion, and the peculiar duck-gait render the di- agnosis easier. The disorder has been found endemic in certain localities, and, while most prevalent during the sexual life of women, any age may suffer. Rheumatic influences, a purely vegetable diet, malnutrition, and severe general disease have been considered possible etiological factors in cases not connected with gestation. In the latter the symptoms generally improve dur- ing the puerperium, but yet there is no complete natural cure. Since castration has been intro- duced as a remedy, many ovaries have been ex- amined for pathological changes, but nothing in addition to a hyalin Buy Lithium Carbonate Online degeneration of the ves- sels could be discerned. Theories as to causation are plentiful, but the one assuming some de- ranged ovarian function to lie at the bottom of the disorder still finds greatest favor. Organo- therapy has, however, proven useless except in one case reported cured after the administration of extract of [u]Purchase Lithium Carbonate[/u] bone-marrow. It is justifiable id all cases to try phosphorus before resorting to castration. Treatment of Hydrocele. — In reviewii^ the treatment of hydrocele N. Cerri {Cleveland Med. Gas., March, 1900) suggests the use of a method which was first introduced by Dr. Juathrociocchi. After evacuating the fluid, a piece of catgut about eight inches long is intro- duced through the canula. By medianical irri- tation this excites an adhesive inflammation of the serous surfaces and in a few days it becomes absorbed. If the irritation is not sufficient the catgut may be soaked in a Lithium Carbonate Online solution of perchlo- ride of iron before introduction. The results are extraordinary; recovery being almost certain, and, furthermore, the patient is able to attend to his business while the treatment is being carried on.
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FIQL Groups Buy Lithium Carbonate Buy Lithium Carbonate

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