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Related post: stricture or urethral calculi, and the completion of the lithotripsy is thereby rendered impossible or when large fragments remain and resist further crushing. Suprapubic cystotomy is applicable to stones which fill the whole bladder or which, on account of their large size, are pocketed in a diverticulum or in a deep fundus, to incapsulated stones, to stones in the ureters or at the junction of the ureter with the bladder, to stones about foreign bodies Cholesterol Zetia and for complications of stone and new growth of the bladder, and finally to the pur- pose of establishing a fistula. Casper (Berlin) Zetia Cost stated the results of further investi- gation into the question of examination of the function of the kidney by the method proposed by Richter and himself. Richter's method consists, briefly, in collect- ing separately at the same time the urine from both kidneys and examining it. While albumin, renal ele- ments, white and red blood-cells, casts, micro-organ- isms, etc., are indications of the anatomical condition of the kidneys, the functional power of each kidney can be determined by comparing the total amount of nitro- gen excreted, of sugar artificially produced by the in- jection of phloridzin, and the freezing-point of the urine in each separate specimen. Zetia Discount Card In health these Zetia Coupon three elements are alike on both sides. In disease they dif- fer, the kidney which is the seat of the disease pro- ducing less Buy Zetia Online of each. After numerous experiments he has arrived at the opinion that whenever we are treat- ing cases of abdominal surgery, with difficult differential diagrnoses. such examinations are both advisable and necessary. POSSIBLE CURATIVE EFFECTS OF THE NEW ELEMENT RADIUM. To the Editor of the Medical News: Dear Sir: A few days ago appeared in the papers an account of an Atlanta man who had been cured of a cancerous growth by the use of the cathode ray. W^hether or not the curative effects of this method of treatment have been fully proved, it Zetia Discount certainly is a fact that there has been considerable experimenting along this line, and, according to the reports of many of the experimenters, there has been in some cases at least, an encouraging amount of success. It would be a matter of much interest if experiments of a similar kind could be carried on with the recently- discovered element radium. The properties of this element, as described in recent numbers of the Comptcs Rendus, are so remarkable and are so similar to those of the cathode ray that it seems probable it could accomplish all that the latter could accomplish and perhaps more. Moreover, the radium, if found effective, could be applied in a most convenient form. At the present time the new element is extremely rare and correspondingly costly; but, should the demand for it arise, it cannot be doubted that the supply would De found to increase. Henri Becquerel, the eminent French physicist and discoverer of the peculiar rays that bear his name, de- Zetia 10 Mg scribes the experience of himself and M. Curie, who has the honor Zetia Price of having discovered the new element. M. Curie allowed the Zetia Coupons rays ordinarily emitted by radium to pass through a sheet of gutta-percha and act on his skin for ten hours, the specimen of material used be- ing comparatively impure. The skin soon reddened and presented all the appearances of a bum. At the end of several days the redness had very materially increased in intensity and the tissue broke away. It was about six weeks before healing had Zetia Online fairly started and ten days later the wound was still open. Becquerel himself had an accidental experience of the tome kind and one equally unpleasant. In trans- porting a few decigrams of a very pure radium chloride he placed the material in his vest pocket The radium chloride was in a sealed glass tube and this was wrapped in paper and placed in a cardboard box. It was on the 3d and 4th of April that he car- ried the material, which remained in his pocket for a total time of not far from six hours. In order to affect the underlying skin it was necessary for the rays to traverse the glass of which the tube consisted, the paper wrapper enveloping it, the cardboard of the box, and several thicknesses of cloth. Yet on the 13th of April a red spot appeared on Zetia Cheap the skin immediately un- der the place where the active material had rested, a spot, too, that was the same shape and size as the tube containing the radium. The affected place soon developed all the outward Price Of Zetia appearances of a severe bum and forty-nine days elapsed before it had healed. As an indication of the strength of this What Is Zetia action, it should be mentioned that, while the original wound was un- der treatment, a second and less severe one made Zetia Hair Loss its appearance opposite another part of the same pocket, showing that [u]Zetia Pi[/u] for a short time the small package must have been in a new position. Madame Curie, who has been associated with her [u]Cost Of Zetia[/u] husband in the investigation of this substance, was burned in a quite similar manner, though less se- verely, the rays beng compelled to Zetia Prices traverse the thin walls of a metal box in which a Buy Zetia sealed tube had been placed. The purified radium is so active in its effects on the skin that the experimenters frequently found it inconvenient to handle the tubes or capsules contain- ing the material, the fingers being [u]Discount Zetia[/u] burned. If the new element has effects so remarkable when applied to the skin, might Cheap Zetia it not be found to have all the effects of the X-ray? And might it not be pos- sible that these powers could be utilized in medicine? If the effects should prove desirable, it would cer- tainly be far easier to use this remedy, for it could be applied directly for any length of time and in any desired strength. Edward Booth, Chemical Department, University of California. SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS.
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FIQL Groups Buy Zetia Buy Zetia

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