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  FIQL Groups Lithium Price Lithium Price
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Related post: ing it in excess, and determined to diminish the quantity. I was not pleased, however, with the change, notwithstanding, as I tliought, I had made a fair trial. !N^ow it is probable that Buy Lithium my trial was unsatisfactory — not because the treatment was not as proper as the preceding, but because the cases were more severe; — for one of my brethren who thought calomel injurious, was as well satisfied with his treatment as I was with mine. I fear that the result of a few cases, in which per- sonally or otherwise we feel a deep interest, has very great ef- fect in fixing in our minds the value of the treatment pursued. We should, in the first place, consider what organs are disor- dered, and next, how that disorder is to be remedied. If the functions of the liver Purchase Lithium Online arc deranged, and the secretions obstruc- ted or vitiated, we may very properly entertain the question, whether mercury, in some form, should not be administered. Cost Of Lithium Thus, in 1851, Dr. Ray considered Buy Cheap Lithium mercury decidedly improper, but in the next year he found cases which he could not man- age without it. Such, I apprehend, might be the experience of most of us — that mercury is as important in some cases as it is improper in others. In our researches into the condition of the liver, it is important for us to bear in mind that The Cost Of Lithium a dis- charge of greenish mucus does not necessarily imply a disor- dered action of the liver. An autopsy is given in Horner's Pathological Anatomy, p. 176, of a child whose gall bladder and small intestines contained yellow bile, in the latter site " almost pure, excepting some mixture of mucus. In the large intestines, the contents were alse bilious, but greenish, like the 654 Semi-Monthly Medical News. discharges wliicli had prevailed." Again, the evacuations may give no evidence of faeces, properl}^ so called, and yet there may he in the upper portion of the howels, well eliminated fseces, which may be brought down in good consistence by a dose of salts not sufficient to produce watery stools. Thus it is evident that the color and character of the contents Generic Lithium of the bowels may undergo a change after the}^ leave the small intestines. And, again, that great irritability of the rectum is perfectly compatible with a torpor or impeded-vermicular action in the upper portion of the bowels. It will generally be found that the difficulty in curing the disease depends, to a very large de- gree, upon the continuance of this abnormal condition of the dilferent portions of the bowels. But, whilst we must be very What Is The Cost Of Lithium careful to ascertain the condition of the bowels and of the liver, we must not forget that other organs have become, or are likely to become involved, Buy Lithium Online and require attention. In every case of medium severity, the skin and kidneys become impli- cated. Early in the disease the skin is frequently warm and dry. If the pulse will tolerate bleeding, it Price Of Lithium will be apt to do much good. It has been Price Lithium said Lithium Cost by high authority that he never lost a patient when he could bleed. It benefits the patient by reducing febrile excitement and thereby putting the diHerent organs, skin, etc., in a way to be more readily influenced by other remedies. But presently the skin loses its heat and be- comes either of a natural temperature or below it, but retains its drjmess. This should be met by diaphoretics, among which maybe used preparations of ipecac and opium, with or without a mercurial, nitric ether, warm bath, and friction. A jug of warm water kept near their feet, as soon as they show a dispo- sition to become cool, will be found an important adjunct. Blisters, sinapisms, embrocations, frictions, etc., are of much service. Blisters are liable to a serious objection in some cases by the pain they give in rising to stool; 3'et, in other cases, they cause little trouble, and do much good. Sinapisms fre- quentl}' repeated and fomentations continued during the inter- vals, will have a continued influence for good. These should be kept up whilst some of the diaphoretic medicines should be exhibited everv two or three hours. These same remedies will avail much when the kidneys are affected. Nitric ether or Order Lithium Dover's powder will come in play ; Beport on Epideviics of Kentucky. 655 also a sinapism applied occasionally over the region of the kidneys. In this condition, we should expect much from free drauglits of mucilaginous drinks, and accordingly we find (per- haps Avithout any reference to this state of the kidneys) a free use of diluent Purchase Lithium drinks recommended in dysentery. In this con- nection I would mention a fact which I have observed too uniformly to consider it at all accidental, namely, in about twenty minutes after taking a drink of tea or other fluid to [u]Lithium Mg[/u] the amount of five or six ounces, the patient has been obliged to go to stool. This, however, is compatible w4th the ultimate beneficial action of the diluent. When we consider that dysentery is attributed to the same causes which produce bilious fevers — that, in fact, it is "by many considered, in the language of Rush, ''Fever turned in- wards upon the intestines," we may well question whether qninia has received as much attention in its treatment as it should have done. AVe know that many years ago, Peruvian bark was held to be a very important remedy for epidemics of this disease, which raged in the south of Europe. It is alto- gether probable that we do not seek as diligently for slight ex- acerbations and remedies, or other evidences of periodicity as we ought. If, upon a close examination of the disease, we shoukl liave reason to believe that there is a periodical feature present, there would be little doubt of the propriety of prescrib- ing quinine. Indeed, it is well worthy of consideration, whether a fair dose of quinia might, with advantage, be united with an anodyne at night, or earlj^ in the morning, so as to bring the sj^stcm under its influence before noon. If we can, in this w^ay, Cost For Lithium secure a moderate moisture of the skin, we shall have done good, even if Lithium Tablets we shall have failed to make any applicable im- pression upon the frequency of the stools or tenesmus. Cheap Lithium For we must remember that several ''centers of sympathy" are dis- turbed, and if we can rectify one, we will thereby greatly in- crease our means of acting upon the others. At the onset of the disease, in a certain number of cases, there is nausea or vomiting, yellowish tongue, and a bitter taste in the mouth. In these cases it is proper to begin the treatment by administering an emetic, which it may be neces- sary to repeat during the treatment. When the nausea re- mains distressing, a spoonful of camphor water, made very cold 656 Seim-Monthly lledicat J^ews. with ice, every half hour, will be found a very grateful remedy. Cupping or leeching the epigastrium will also be very proper. Creosote, in half drop doses, is also beneficial, or two or three teaspoonfuls of brandy undiluted. When thirst is Lithium Online great, lumps of ice chewed and swallowed will afford much relief, or rinsing the mouth and fauces frequently' with any fluid; sponging the surface with weak warm ley will also give relief. Throughout the disease the horizontal position should be strictly observed, and the patient should be strictly charged to restrain, as far as he possibly can, every inclination to go to stool. He may be materially aided in these endeavors by hav- ing a moderately firm pressure on the anus, with warm cloth. When under the necessity to go to stool, there is frequently Order Lithium Online a desire to remain long over the vessel. This inclination should not be gratified, but the time spent there should be curtailed as much as may be. I am satisfied that very much depends upon a faithful adherence to these suggestions, trifling as they may appear. I am satisfied that I have not presented any thing new, as to the cause, treatment, etc., of dysenter3\ Nor am I aware of being able to say any thing novel as to any of the diseases called epidemic. But I am enabled to furnish facts which may tend towards developing the natural history of diseases. In the first of the following tables, I give the average number of those who have died [u]Lithium Price[/u] for five years of each of those -epidemic diseases which has prevailed to any extent, and of those from the whole class, with the proportion of deaths to the in- habitants of each county. This table also gives the quantity' of land, the imnroved and unimproved in each count}^, and the density of the population. Tables second and third are intend- ed to diA'ide the State into regions according to geological for- mations as at present understood, and to show the prevalence of each disease in those formations. The standard of compar- ison in these tables is not the population of each county that is given in the first table, but the mortality from known causes. Tables IV to X were constructed for the purpose of compar- ing the effects of race, sex, and age, as also season upon liability to certain diseases. I do not know of an equal number of cases by which this comparison between the races and sexes can be so well studied. (To be continued.) Cases of Diphtheria. 657 Cases of Diphtheria, icith i^emarks on the Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment of the Disease. By J. S. Bristowe, M.D. F.E. C.P. The disease termed diphtheria, notwithstanding that it has prevailed so extensively, and now for so long a period, is still regarded with such interest, that any observations with regard
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FIQL Groups Lithium Price Lithium Price

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