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  FIQL Groups Suminat 50 Suminat 50
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Suminat 50

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Related post: tary establishment alone costs about $1300 a Suminat Nasal Spray day, and in addition to this guards and inspectors employed by the Board of Health have until lately cost half as much more. For nearly a month the Ciovemment supplied the rations to about 1900 persons in the quarantine district. In the prompt- ness and thoroughness of the work the health authorities of Honolulu have certainly set an ex- ample for the rest of the world. In connection q|^ JIO ECHOES AND NEWS. [MlMClU. Newi with their quarantine work a general raid has been made upon the rats. A day was set apart and every householder was supplied with a Suminat 50 pack- age of poison for use in destroying these vermin. The latest reports from Manila state that there have been within the walls of that city 52 cases of plague and 43 deaths. The victims were all Chinamen. The famine and the plague continue advancing their deadly work in India. Kedioal War Hews. — In spite of the extremely complimentary despatches that are coming from South Africa regarding the efficiency of the med- ical corps, the work is not being done as smoothly at is appears upon the surface. In the camp at Modder River typhoid fever appeared early among Buy Suminat the soldiers in the ranks and many of them died of the disease. The outbreak was due to the infected river water. At the same camp a severe form of diarrhea attacked the troops; the stools were very acid, froth/, and of a light- green color, a little blood and much mucus being mingled with the liquid discharge. The malady runs its course in about a week, but leaves the pa- tient very weak. That affection was attributed to the sand storms which have frequently pre- vailed, lasting from an hour to an entire day. The gritty particles of sand breathed and swallowed are held responsible for the diarrhea. It would seem more probable, however, that the germs contained in the sand have been a more active agent than the irritating presence of the sand itself. On January 8th a serious fire occurred in one of the barrack- hospitals at Maritzsburg; two wards containing 50 patients, were completely destroyed. Fortunately all the patients were gotten out unin- jured. The fire is ascribed to the upsetting of a lamp. It has been found that the khaki suits do not afford sufficient protection for the men when sleeping on the field. It is said that extensive or- ders for woolen khaki uniforms have been placed with manufacturers. The word "khaki" signifies a color (that of mud) and not a material. The hospital ships afford most refreshing quarters for the sick and wounded as they come down from the camps. The correspondent of the British Medical Journal reports that at Durban they are having cloudless, blue skies from week's end to week's end, with now and then a shower of rain to relieve any possible monotony. Cool breezes from the southwest, the fresh salt smell of the sea, and an equable temperature day and night are bringing back to health and strength the hundreds of poor, unfortunate sufferers. The Oerman Army. — The report of Dr. John M, Woodbury, of New York, late Major and Chief Surgeon, U. S. V., who, during the past summer, as United States Commissioner, observed the maneuvres of the German army in the field with reference to their hygienic, sanitary and medical arrangements, has been made to the Secretary of War. The report covers the ground most ad- mirably, and contains some suggestions that it may be found advantageous to adopt in our i army. Regarding the food, the report says that the quality is excellent and the quantity is suffi- cient, being one-half pound of meat per day per man, a pound of fresh vegetables, a ration of split peas, or beans for soup, and two ounces of coffee, chocolate or cocoa. Each man carries bis own cooking utensils, consisting of a tin cannis- ter, in whidi his provisions are packed. When the top or lid is removed the bottom may be used as a kettle and the top as a coffee-pot. In the field two men usually mess together, one makit^ soup in the bottom of his caimister while the other makes coffee in his, the tops beii^ used as plates. There are no scraps and there is no waste. In the new equipment his provision cannister is made of aluminum ; it is carried on top of the knapsack; there is no haversack. The total weight of each man's equipment pack and piece is sixty pounds. The knapsack is made of horse- hide, with the hair on, and is water-proof; in this the soldier carries one extra pair of shoes, two extra pairs of socks or foot bandages, one brown linen fatigue suit, one overcoat, shaving mate- rials, soap, towel, needles and thread, a lump of tallow, fifty rounds of ammunition, a pound of bread and what conserves he may have issued to him. The shelter tent is rolled and attached to the knapsack. No blanket roll, slung from shoul- der to hip, is allowed. There are three grades of sick rations : For the very sick special diets ; for those not so ill a soup or stew like heavy broth, containing meat, with rice and vegetables; for convalescents, strong supporting diet of roast or baked meat, with potatoes, onions, etc. The me- dium sick and convalescents receive an issue of claret equivalent to half a pint of burgundy twice daily ; for the very ill spirits may be obtained, but only on the doctor's order. There is no such
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FIQL Groups Suminat 50 Suminat 50

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