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robbery and theft ring investigation

YORK, November 24 - November 19 19, two-city public security bureau large series of robbery and theft rings main culprit hi chu Cheng Ching-wei, seven were arrested and brought to. At this point, the gang for six years banding together across the black Jilin provinces in seven counties and cities of more than 50 villages, masked gunmen burglary, criminal gangs crazy theft of livestock by the Twin Cities Police destroyed. Up to now, the police have uncovered cases nearly from the gang theft of livestock 210 long (only),ray ban sunglasses, involving over 100 million.

holding a fake gun robbery gas station

the winter of 2003, Zheng Xi column (double gold urban and rural, urban the Linhe village) Mali Wei called to discuss the robbery Jinghagaosu Highway gas station. Mali Wei a 3:00,gucci shoes, two masked men held In January 2005, two from Beijing to buy two ball gun, go to the pairs of cities in the town of Lan edge Nestle milk collection point robbery failed. Soon, the duo teamed up once again go to the Golden urban and rural Kai Sun Chuen Lau Kee oil mill, the masked gunmen to intimidate the man of the house,gucci outlet, robbery and 28,000 yuan in cash.

in April in 2008, Cheng, Ma duo held a knife the middle of the night broke into the town of Lan edge Xu Ka Fan family distillery, the man of the house chest Mengzha knife, robbery of 20 million yuan in cash. According to the account of two successively masked burglary from robbery amounted to 10 million yuan, in addition to eating and drinking most of the lost in gambling. In April 2008, Mali Wei summoned by the police,coach outlet, the masked robbery, burglary pairs of cities in Jilin Province, bordering townships again does not appear.

a few months to steal light village of livestock

Ma Liwei into the police line of sight, Cheng Hei column immediately alarmed, and soon broke up with the horse. The gambling nature Zheng hi chu no money is not enough, he began in the same village and other villages and towns gathered a group of people from the next drive to the various villages received food, step on a little secret on a large farming and self-employed. Since April 2008, they fled in the Twin Cities and Jilin, Baitian Ming with the acquisition of food, and the night crazy theft of cows, donkeys, horses, sheep and other livestock.


the winter of 2008 a night, Cheng Hei column together with Ching-wei, who drove to the Jilin Province Caijiagou clawed through brick walls, a large farming family, four head of cattle theft the night pulled in Heilongjiang Province Lanxi Elm town bull market, selling 12,000 yuan, three people share the stolen money. Subsequently, they Caijiagou crime spree more than 20 cases of theft of livestock 70 long, almost a village cows all theft, Jilin Police has organized arrest unsuccessful. According to preliminary statistics, Cheng Hei column in over 50 towns in black and Jilin provinces, crime nearly a hundred cases, theft of livestock 210 long (only) involved in the total amount of more than 100 million.

since April 2008, Twin Cities Police large series of robbery and theft ring investigation, and the establishment of multiple contact points in the incidence areas. In the master Cheng Hei column conclusive evidence,christian louboutin shoes, hi chu Cheng, Qing Wei, Mali Wei seven people arrested on the evening of 19 November 2009.

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