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Thursday, Oct. 23rd 2008

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September 24th 2007
Male, 27 - Birmingham, United Kingdom
I am a r&b/soul/hiphop kind of guy.. But i like to branch out & think my taste in music is quite diverse... or maybe im just playin myself! Usually have all the unrealeased R&B and Hip Hop at my fingertips so if anyone wants the exclus... [+]
R&b Break Up
Whether its that loss of pain, anger or just disbelief, these songs pretty...
Oct. 14, 2008  (3110 views - 3 bumps - 0 comments)
Sexy Jams
Sexy songs to get you in da mood... a good mix of le romantic, da sexy, n ...
Dec. 26, 2007  (1956 views - 1 bump - 0 comments)
Missing U
FIQL Pick A few songs, some happy some sad, but all kind of referring to missing som...
Sep. 24, 2007  (2201 views - 1 bump - 1 comments)