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Thursday, Aug. 21st 2008

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February 26th 2006
Male, 51 - United States
* "Now I guess I'll have to tell 'em/ That I ain't got no cerebellum ." • The Ramones, "Teenage Lobotomy."
'Tis the holidays
The holidays is all about festivities and there is nothing better at setting th...
(10 members - 51 playlists)
We love our pets and animals, here are the songs that feature pets and animals ...
(3 members - 6 playlists)
Charts Please only add “official” published charts, such as Billboard, etc. no...
(16 members - 37 playlists)
Cover Songs
You can find them at weddings. You can even find them on TV. No matter where yo...
(10 members - 36 playlists)
Love Songs
Love surely makes the heart sing with joy... with each note symbolizing the ete...
(90 members - 125 playlists)
Novelty and Parody Songs
Playlists of Novelty and Parody Songs.
(4 members - 3 playlists)
Playlists Based on a Single Word
All playlists in this group are based on a WORD whether it's football, wheels, ...
(34 members - 71 playlists)
The Getting Over that Someone (AKA Breakup) Group
Playlists and discussion about breakups, good and bad. I'm trying to cater to a...
(51 members - 86 playlists)
Trinity News - End of the World Playlists
What would the end of the world be without a soundtrack? Share your End Times ...
(10 members - 6 playlists)
Workout Songs Group
Yeah, I know there's an exercise category but this group is for the best of the...
(67 members - 42 playlists)