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Monday, Aug. 17th 2009

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January 26th 2007
Apr. 2, 2007:
Haha yeah, its kinda sad but thankfully all my friends are the same way so i dont feel too wierd lol
Male, 2014 - MD, United States
Playlist Comment The Songs I Can't Listen To Anymore
Great list. Follow You Into The Dark is certainly one of the saddest lovesongs ev...
Jun. 14, 2008
Playlist Comment Heaven Vs. Hell
Great list. It's been a while since I added one too. A few more I like that fit t...
Apr. 22, 2008
Playlist Comment Bombin' The Slopes (Read: Snowboarding 100mph)
Very nice soundtrack for the occasion. I can imagine a lot of these songs going t...
Feb. 19, 2008
Playlist Comment Ungentle, Gentle...
Very nice - some of my favorites.
Jan. 3, 2008
Playlist Comment The Best Songs Of 2007. Some Great Songs For Your Ipod
Nice choices - a lot in common with my top 20 albums of 2007.
Dec. 19, 2007
Playlist Comment The Long Goodbye.
nice job of weaving together some killer songs with this common theme
Aug. 2, 2007
Forum Post Export my Playlists
How can I Export my Playlists? I had to reinstall iTunes and lost all my Playlis...
Jul. 18, 2007
Playlist Comment Singer/Songwriters
That weepies track is very nice. I will certainly give them some listening.
Jul. 9, 2007
Playlist Comment Birthday Mix
The good Reverend and Dropkick always make me want to drink!
Jul. 3, 2007
Playlist Comment Groovy Indie Tunes Part 2
Good stuff. I've recently really gotten into Andrew Bird and Brett Dennen too, an...
Jun. 13, 2007
Playlist Comment The Non-Sellout / Sellout Years
This is a great idea, and good juxtaposition of before and after sell-out. I reme...
May. 2, 2007
Forum Post getting high
This playlist should help you out: [playlist="13590"]Its 420 Somewhere[/playlist...
Apr. 27, 2007
Playlist Comment Pushing The Political
Michael Stipe has been a great political voice for many years, and Exhuming McCar...
Apr. 19, 2007
Playlist Comment Rap For Those Who Don't Listen To Rap
Nice list - I can totally relate and would have included a lot of the same in my ...
Apr. 13, 2007
Playlist Comment Whfs - 1994 - Pt. 1
Ah yes, WHFS was still great in '94 and a damn good year for rock too. Many good ...
Apr. 12, 2007
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