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Monday, Aug. 17th 2009

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January 26th 2007
Apr. 2, 2007:
Haha yeah, its kinda sad but thankfully all my friends are the same way so i dont feel too wierd lol
Male, 2014 - MD, United States
"Woodstock Music Legends
Dedicated to the great music legends from the Woodstock era"
(1 member - 1 playlist)
Alt-country is a lot of things: Roots rock, 2nd Generation Southern Rock - a li...
(4 members - 2 playlists)
Alt/Indie Music Recommendations
Suggestions on music with an emphasis on Alt/Indie.
(1 member - 3 playlists)
For sharing favorite blues artists and songs, especially focused on danceable m...
(2 members - 2 playlists)
Cover Songs
You can find them at weddings. You can even find them on TV. No matter where yo...
(10 members - 36 playlists)
Driving Songs!
This are a collection of lists people have created about their favourite songs ...
(29 members - 34 playlists)
Essentail Drinking Playlists
A collection of playlists created to get drunk to, or about getting drunk.
(35 members - 21 playlists)
Indie Love.
indie lovers. this is going to be an active group with active people in it! wit...
(72 members - 26 playlists)
Indie, Alternative, Experimental, Ambient
This group is composed of, you guessed it, Indie, Alternative, Experimental, an...
(102 members - 40 playlists)
Real Music
Forget the metal, forget the rap, say goodbye to the pop. Im talking Jack J, DM...
(3 members - 3 playlists)
Seasonal Soundtracks
Do you have a playlist for each season? Or do you have a playlist for sunny/ra...
(9 members - 12 playlists)
Workout Songs Group
Yeah, I know there's an exercise category but this group is for the best of the...
(67 members - 42 playlists)