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Sunday, Aug. 24th 2008

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April 28th 2007
Female, 24 - mumbai, India
Im a complete music zealot.My life revolves around music! I must've spent half my life listening 2 music! My fav genres are ROCK and ALTERNATIVE. I detest HIP-HOP & R&B to the core!!
(Updated December 21st) Honestly The Playlist Ever!!!
I realized this was in desperate need of updating so i changed it. my personal ...
Dec. 21, 2007  (49379 views - 100 bumps - 31 comments)
Mellow Mix.
FIQL Pick Music that I listen to when I need to calm down or just relax. Ranging from Ji...
Jun. 10, 2011  (24009 views - 56 bumps - 17 comments)
Music You Can Relax To.
just a mix of some good artists and some titles most people haven't heard.. it'...
Nov. 07, 2006  (3505 views - 5 bumps - 1 comments)