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Sunday, May. 27th 2007

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July 7th 2005
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t-pain akon
May. 28, 2007:
yo! ;-)
Oct. 19, 2006:
Hey there. Thanx for the add=). I enjoy your playlists.
Female, 2014
I like ghetto music!! Therefore, I am ghetto! Haha I wish. I'm a girl who looooves hip-hop!
Playlist Comment Best Of 1980's Old Skool Rap
i dig, i dig
Apr. 17, 2006
Forum Post Enough Is Enough Already
lol same!!! haha
Feb. 28, 2006
Playlist Comment Hip Hop 'n' R&B Collaborations
this is a sweet list!! A really good mix!
Feb. 23, 2006
Playlist Comment Weezy Baby!!
great songs?.... most of them didn't show up with titles man
Jan. 30, 2006
Forum Post Is it just me...
or is the most popular playlist section not working... you know on the front page...
Jan. 5, 2006
Playlist Comment Dance Playlist for 2006 Vol 2
This is an awesome list!!! got some fresh tracks I really like!
Jan. 4, 2006
Playlist Comment The New (Hip Hop) Stuff
why don't you check for when I MADE the playlist huh?
Dec. 29, 2005
Playlist Comment Rap That's Newer Then 1982
I am kinda sick of those 1982 songs too! This list is nice and fresh :D
Dec. 10, 2005
Forum Post If you like a playlist, bump it!
I can't get bumping to work.....:S I click it and nothing happens
Dec. 4, 2005
Playlist Comment Club Beats From Australia
It's cool to know what's hot in other countries man!
Dec. 2, 2005
Forum Post Woah new site
it looks AWESOME!!! great job!! still gotta take some time to understand all the ...
Dec. 2, 2005
Playlist Comment This The Shit
the shit being this is a really shitty playlist....? sorry, really not feeling th...
Nov. 28, 2005
Playlist Comment Songs That You Are Embarrassed To Know All The Words To S...
I remember I had a review on this but it never came..... I so kow all the words t...
Nov. 27, 2005
Playlist Comment House Party Mix Tape Presents...
Truly awesome :P
Nov. 26, 2005
Playlist Comment Workout Murder Music
getting pumped to this playlist.
Nov. 25, 2005
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