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Wednesday, Feb. 16th 2011

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March 19th 2008
Apr. 13, 2008:
Hi.. I'm pretty good, what about you? Thanks, I'm also enjoying your playlist, good choices!
Male, 2015 - Harlem, NY, United States
Hey people. I love music full stop : Classical, jazz, blues, funk , rock, punk , metal , hardcore screamo, R&B, Rap. My favorites are Alternative metal and Rap with a good beat If you want some new music : www.music-map.co... [+]
Forum Post Who killed tupac?
Just something i was wondering yesterday, who actually killed him. Personally I t...
Apr. 5, 2008
Forum Post WAssup
Wassup people? Thanks for joining. Add your songs if they got good thumping bass
Apr. 4, 2008
Playlist Comment New 2008 Hip-Hop, R&b And Rap Hot Beats
NOt bad at all
Apr. 3, 2008
Playlist Comment Not Recommended For Insomniacs
Amazing 10/10 i Like the variety and your right it did keep up the neighbours
Apr. 2, 2008
Playlist Comment Hard Rock/heavy Metal Playlist
Nice but to much Alice in chains. Try a bit more variety
Apr. 2, 2008