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FIQL Pick A Summer's Day
[Updated on January 18, 2007] Have you ever felt like it was the best day of your life, nothing could possibly faze you and you couldn't stop smiling? If you want that feeling again, try some (or all) of these songs. Guaranteed to put either a smile on your face or warmth in your heart.
March 9, 2006
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Nice Can't Say i like all the songs on there but most of um are awsome. Love "this charming man" by the smiths and the stars manage to do a great cover without ruining it. :D
Submitted by holmes23 on May. 30, 2006

voxtrot makes me happy! and so does frou frou!
Submitted by marxandme on Mar. 31, 2007

Submitted by evie on May. 24, 2007

You've done a great job with this playlist, and used a lot of songs which you wouldn't traditionally expect to find in this particular sort of music, such as from Nirvana and Nine Black Alps, but they actually suit the scheme quite nicely. Nice touch!
Submitted by SludgeRokr on May. 29, 2007

Nice, very nice! This Charming man by Stars, is that a Smtihs cover??? Have to check that one out!
Submitted by westhammed on Jan. 8, 2008

4 Smashing Pumpkin songs?!?!? I love you! You even have "C'mon, C'mon" on here. Make more just like this one, only throw some Bob Marley in there. His songs makes me happy.
Submitted by papermario on May. 11, 2009

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