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FIQL Pick Best Dance Mix
You can't help but dance to these songs. This playlist is great for keeping any party alive. It is also great before or after a long hard day at work, or school. When you are in a bad mood, listen to this playlist, and you will be pepped up, and ready for anything at the end.
January 2, 2006
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my humps ew...personal preference, I can't stand this song. and I like it even less each time i see little girls singing along...eeeeeeeww... but that's just me.
Submitted by rachel on Jan. 2, 2006

too commercial LiL too commercial for my taste all these songs are on the radio although it is a good compilation of what has been on radio for last month or so.
Submitted by B1505 on Jan. 2, 2006

This is a perfect playlisr. All these songs were the anthems my friends and I danced to last year.
Submitted by joeyshabad on Sep. 3, 2007

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