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Best Of The 90s (alt-rock)
[Updated on April 8, 2006] This is the music I grew up with...and still party to. These are the classics by a group of musicians that represent a generation. Moreover, these songs are great for bringing back some good memories, or at the very least, to kick back with some buddies and create some new ones.
March 13, 2006
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Hey...great list. Sounds like we grew up in the same era :-)
Submitted by ChrissyC on Dec. 13, 2006

Love it. I basically have the same list, haha.
Submitted by jillian11 on Mar. 29, 2007

TECHNICALLY it's "Mary Jane's Last Dance". I love your list.
Submitted by bizauer on Apr. 10, 2008

I just saw Live in Victoria BC. One of the greatest shows Ive ever been to.
Submitted by jetsetter on Jun. 21, 2008

Submitted by JazziCassi on Aug. 14, 2008

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