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Eva Vivar Greatest Hits
12 Songs of Eva Vivar
February 14, 2006
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Edgar, I appreciate your playlists. i think we have in common. I really love old music. Edgar will you please share me also your eva vivar songs and other old songs. I am really desperate to have them. Hope mapagbibigyan mo ako. I'll give also some in return. Thanks.
Submitted by Pulingsky on Dec. 2, 2007

Hi edgar, i registered here coz i've seen your collection for Ms. Eva Vivar..im still looking for this artist but so hard to find, really hard to find..can you share with me your collections and im very gladly and willing to share my collection.. Thanks in advance :)
Submitted by baby05 on Apr. 12, 2008

Hellow edgar, m happy to see your playlist. I love Eva Vivar songs and other old songs OPM. I have lot of OLD songs like Rosalie Robles, Complete album of Nora Aunor, Vernie Gonzales and many more. m willing to share what i have. mu email: alfredgarcia44@yahoo.com. You can text me also with my cp numbers 09063259833. Looking forward to hear from you. thanks very much.
Submitted by jarar007 on Jun. 12, 2008

hi edgar. i love these songs. how can i download them?
Submitted by ewvchio on Jan. 31, 2009

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