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Folk Dances Of The Philippines
[Updated on October 20, 2006] 15 Classical Dance from Philippine Islands (ORIGINAL PHILIPPINE MUSIC)
May 6, 2005
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How can I buy this Philippine Folk Songs?
Submitted by Evngln64 on Jan. 13, 2007

Hi Edgar, found your posting in the net and I am very much desperate to download music of Habanera Botolena. However, I think your Habanera playlist does not exist anymore... can you help me please. we have a presentation on 21 April and I need the music very badly. Thanks for your help. please please please lol
Submitted by pinoydin on Apr. 11, 2007

Hi! Can i download the folk songs please?:) i need it badly for our Buwan ng Wika dance contest. it will be on Aug. 22, 2007. 'hope for your kind consideration and generosity.
Submitted by raisa on Aug. 2, 2007

How can I download this song please send me the audio file of the pandango sa ilaw,I need this asap for the program preparation.just send to my email address kwikjo23@yahoo.com,thanks in advance
Submitted by kwikjo23 on Aug. 21, 2007

hey sir edgar can i get a copy of binadyong? my sister couldn't find elsewere.. would u mind sending at my email address? www.creeperskiss@yahoo.com thanks so much...
Submitted by Creepers on Sep. 18, 2007

pls proceed to www.dyesabel.multiply.com
Submitted by edgar on Nov. 15, 2007

Hi nice meeting you outhere, i would like to download tinikling, can i?, please.Thanks.Jhenny
Submitted by JHENDAN on Dec. 11, 2007

how can i download the folk dances?!!
Submitted by jamelyn on Feb. 7, 2008

Hi! can i download some of your folk dance music? Many thanks.....Aims
Submitted by acmagz on Apr. 2, 2008

hi.. can i have a copy of folk dances especially itik itik..? my friend needs a copy for an activity in school.. hope you understand.. thanks.. here's my email: emeyi_seventeen@yahoo.com
Submitted by mae22 on Oct. 7, 2008

hi sir edgar, Good job!!!, luv ur playlists kasi daming gawang Pinoy like folk dances, folk songs & opm songs kaya lang di ko ma download, can u teach how to download please, please,please.... thanks in advance
Submitted by anzambrona on Jul. 28, 2009

Good Day! I hope you could help me in downloading the Folk Song Jota Moncadena.. I just really need it, i am an elementary Teacher , in school we have this competition on Folk Dances, My student will be dancing the song.. I hope you could help me thanks..
Submitted by Merill on Aug. 13, 2009

How can i download this folkdance song?Please i need a reply asap..please..
Submitted by Merleond on Feb. 4, 2011

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