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FIQL Pick Ipod Face-off
This is a playlist I created to fight the pesky practice on the NYC subway system of iPod face-offs. Kids roll up to you and show you what they are listening to in challenge to what your iPod is playing. The aggressor has the advantage but I never feel bad if I get caught with one of these tracks playing. They run the gamut of songs from new and quirky things to ones I have loved over the years and return to in times of nostalgic yearning.
April 28, 2005
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Puhlease! Oh come on now. This playlist is nothing more than a who's who of every white hipsters favorites bands from the last 25 years. OVER IT! can we please have some hip hop? and this Ipod face off thing is nothing more than a nefarious promotion that iPod is paying Vice Magazine to do. it's all here, check it out: http://www.thebrooklynrail.org/streets/april05/ipodwars.html
Submitted by exene on May. 27, 2005

Strange I'm not really sure why all these songs were congealed in this particular list, but it's not really a good playlist. At all.
Submitted by Empress on Jun. 17, 2005

Not bad. There's nothing about this playlist that merits bad reviews. It's quirky, so thumbs up. As for hip-hop.... *shudders*, don't get me started... music so hollow it echos in the vast spaces of the skulls of dim-witted listeners... Minus those who are oblivious to anything more... tasteful. MTV... the beacon for the majority of the population lacking grey matter between their ears. "MTV needs to go back to it's roots.... way back..." ONLY DEAD FISH GO WITH THE FLOW. Getting carried away... Anyway I like this playlist, especially the choice by Crass. I'd like to see more along the lines of the misfits and descendents...
Submitted by livslust on May. 28, 2006

oh man, major props on the buzzcocks
Submitted by ayo on Sep. 26, 2008

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