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FIQL Pick Location, Location, Location
[Updated on January 9, 2008] self explanitory title.
theres a million songs that mention a place in the title.
but these are the ones on my itunes :)

i've tried to order them well, as you might've noticed
beginning with america.
hawaii, then the west coast through the east.
then south america.
then the rest are basically north to south.
feel free to let me know of any more songs :)

hope you like the list
January 8, 2008
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Other suggestions: Boston - Augustana Hawaii - Meiko Jacksonville - Sufjan Stevens
Submitted by lochness21 on Jan. 9, 2008

ahh i cant believe i forgot to put hawaii-meiko on it :p i love that song.
Submitted by kayla1992 on Jan. 9, 2008

there we go. :)
Submitted by kayla1992 on Jan. 9, 2008

i wish i could make a playlist like this, but i pretty much suck at geography. [:
Submitted by yellowbird on Jan. 21, 2008

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