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Must Have Songs Of The 1950's
This is a list of what I deem must have songs of the 1950's. There may be a few songs released in the early sixties also, just so you know. Enjoy
April 26, 2007
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hi jukebox, i am a new born here just less than an hour i guess and still learning. you caught my attention after another similar complain..err...comment from static. you have the right to feel bad in a way, creating such a playlist like this is....you are a what you're name is ...jukebox! and you will definitely become my hero if you can just please!, i beg you! i need playlist from 1942 or 1960 years..the first five songs for each, as long as i know i can sing each one and teach them to my officemates will be outrageous! tnx!
Submitted by telol on May. 1, 2007

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