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FIQL Pick New: Yet To Hit The Airwaves
Tired of hearing the same songs on the radio...well these are the singles from the big artist YET to hit the radio waves but soon to. VIP pass. Sometimes we need to get a fresh outlook with the freshest new songs that are yet to be overplayed...with a couple oldies but goodies. All different genres so you're sure to find something that rings your bell.
March 31, 2007
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This is great, I feel like I have a head start on the radio. Signal Fire by Snow Patrol is actually called Set Fire To The Third Bar.
Submitted by muzaklife on Apr. 8, 2007

nope, different song. Signal Fire is from the new spiderman film, it's good.
Submitted by nugator on Apr. 11, 2007

Everything by Michael Buble is so good!
Submitted by lemie on Sep. 2, 2007

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