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rainy day
these songs just flow like rain on a rainy day. this is for the down days.
January 31, 2005
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perfect description your list of songs all have the great mellow tempo to fit for rainy days. great mix.. love the list.
Submitted by bbvette on Jul. 18, 2005

Made My Rainy. Also good for sunny days too. My favorite highlights on here are: My Favorite Mistake- (apparently Sheryl Crow's trying to be all Carly Simon about it and won't tell anyone who it is about). You Say- Lisa Loeb's best song, well the only song I've ever heard by her anyway. Name- I think it's simply Name instead of Your Name. But anyway, great song. Fall to Pieces- This song picks up the playlist in the beginning, and is less downtempo than most on the playlist. Of course it is about Scott Weiland recovering from all the drugs. November Rain- Brilliantly closes out the list, perfect rainy day song and I admit, I got some good air guitar in. Overall this playlist had a nice flow to it and the songs were arranged very well.
Submitted by WhitneyAF on Nov. 15, 2005

I like "jane says"
Submitted by angelmusic on Nov. 1, 2010

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