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Songs You Forgot About
A stroll down music memory lane! As you hear the songs, you'll think, "Wow...I can't believe I forgot about this..." I did...
January 28, 2006
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Very Enjoyable I enjoyed this very much .I have an exstensive collection but you brought back some memories I had to go get some of those cds' I had forgotten about.
Submitted by kk on Feb. 4, 2006

I just created a very similar list (but I didn't 'steal' your idea, swear). I actually did a search and nothing like this came up until I was done creating. Anyways; your list is great. I HAD forgotten some of those songs. Check out my list to get some more ideas :)
Submitted by angelpaws on Oct. 14, 2006

great list. I love so many of these songs!
Submitted by Amberlie on Jul. 13, 2007

may i just say that you NEVER forget a song like Barbie Girl...!! ; ) but otherwise, nice work!
Submitted by lilemmy828 on Aug. 14, 2007

BACKSTREET BOYS~!!!!!! YEH!! lol i love them! have you heard their newest record? that and britney's are my favourites at the moment, but i really like this playlist you've created!!!!! nice job!
Submitted by maitailove on Nov. 11, 2007

Thanks for this! Beautifully thoughtful play-list!
Submitted by aussie35 on Feb. 9, 2009

pretty nice list!!!
Submitted by lostnlve29 on Mar. 30, 2009

i love this. thanks a lot. haha.
Submitted by keelyRAE on Nov. 20, 2009

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