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FIQL Pick "Sunday" Songs
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Hey FIQL folks! Need your help. My cousin runs a small cafe. Each Sunday they host a brunch. She wants to be a bit unique and play only songs with "Sunday" in the title. Strange? Yes. But kinda cool too. I've listed the one's that popped into my head, but could sure use some more suggestions. Any genre will work.
March 9, 2005
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For Sunday... Great List, Here are some others that you could use... "Naked Sunday" by the Stone Temple Pilots, "A Sunday" by Jimmy Eat World, and "Everyday Will be Sunday" by The Addison SIngers. Hope that helps!
Submitted by phoenixxfi on Feb. 22, 2005

sunday How about "Always on Sunday" by Tammany Hall NYC? It's a great acoustic alt-rock song. btw, "Except for Monday" doesn't have "Sunday" in the title.
Submitted by mkcs900 on May. 11, 2005

Sunday what about Cold - Black Sunday
Submitted by isuxatlife on Sep. 15, 2005

Sunday Song Got one for you, "Sunday Morning" by The Bolshoi.
Submitted by FerrisB on Dec. 28, 2005

awesome list Another one to add..."Sunday Kind of Love" by Etta James
Submitted by slammer on May. 2, 2006

Here is a great Lyrics Search Engine, search for "Sunday" http://www.getlyrical.com/
Submitted by bbrodka on Oct. 18, 2006

Sunday morning by Lily Allen!
Submitted by char11 on Dec. 27, 2006

Hey cool idea. 'Sunday morning call' by Oasis, and how could you leave out 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon' by The Small Faces!!
Submitted by jboardley on Mar. 1, 2007

sunday br nick drake from bryter layter sunday by moby from play: the b sides sunday morning by k-os from atlantis:hymns for disco sunday by bloc party from AWITC sunday sun by beck from sea change sunday best by augustana from all the stars and boulevards
Submitted by calvin1663 on Mar. 5, 2007

Sunday Morning by The Bolshoi would be an excellent choice :)
Submitted by sparkless on Mar. 5, 2007

what about manic monday?
Submitted by Frannn on Aug. 8, 2007

what about easy like sunday morning by lionel richie?
Submitted by Chicago on Feb. 24, 2008

sunday morning coming down - one of kris kristoffersons greatest
Submitted by timconard on Mar. 15, 2008

thats what i love about sunday-craig morgan
Submitted by dms22 on Jul. 8, 2009

What about "Sugar on sunday" by Tommy James and the Shondells."Sunday will never be the same"by Spanky and our gang. "Lazin' on a Sunday afternoon" by The Kinks.
Submitted by ralphaceto on Apr. 30, 2011

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