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FIQL Pick The Best Remix Playlist
[Updated on March 28, 2006] This is about to be the best remix playlist EVER!! Let's go!!! This playlist is full of awesome songs that will make you wanna party. I love remixes, I really do. And this list is a solid list of them that I have discovered whilst browsing. It's awesome because it's like 2 songs in 1, making this a list of 50 songs :D
November 8, 2005
282225 views  |  376 bumps
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this is maaaaaaaaaaad this realyy does have sum sik remixes on it good job!!
Submitted by sexcbella on Sep. 21, 2005

GREAT....NO AWESOME....NO SPEECHLESS... you did ur thing.
Submitted by Satinhands on Nov. 3, 2005

Loving it Flawless
Submitted by Zehra on Nov. 21, 2005

Nice Touch Awsome remixes!
Submitted by Mikeyp3 on Jan. 3, 2006

dj kakada i want to download.....theses songs how can i get this stuff..???
Submitted by kakada on Jan. 8, 2006

HELP how can i burn the playlist
Submitted by mikey101 on Jan. 12, 2006

hot! hot! hot! freakin' hot remixes!!!
Submitted by krayzee on Jan. 19, 2006

Submitted by tarah1209 on Jan. 24, 2006

what a smashing playlist jesus if i could only burn this exactly as it is heads would certainly turn at the next youthclub city disco, please tell me how i can get my hands on this playlist , i would greatly appreciate it ( well done from ireland )
Submitted by martin2006 on Feb. 15, 2006

really really good has some of the sikest songs i downloaded them all :D
Submitted by sumgirl4 on Feb. 18, 2006

this is dope yo! Holy #@$ These beats are ill!
Submitted by Yukymouth on Feb. 24, 2006

pretty tight.....but I'm gonna have to disagree with all y'all. There's some artists in here I hate with a PASSION!!!!! I'll list em here: Ray J (the fool can't sing...and for all of you who think he CAN sing....you GOTS to do some research. I know good singers..and this fool ain't one!) Chingy (shakes head) Lil Jon (dude just yelps all day...straight up Useless!) Twista (dude is a joke.) 50 Cent (I hate this guy with all my heart for ruining hip-hop) Ying Yang Twins As you can see..I'm all old school. Hip-hop is just not the same anymore. Maybe I'm just trippin'...but I respect NO ONE who values 50 Cent. Dude is nothing.
Submitted by KillerPete on Mar. 2, 2006

awesome! a lot of great remixes in this playlist. well done!
Submitted by misstb on Mar. 8, 2006

dis playlist aiight! you've got some good remixes, & ray j can sing, killer pete
Submitted by destiny on Mar. 12, 2006

Hot! I really like this playlist..killerpete,old school's great but you have to value new school too, ...cuz 50''s beats are just damn fine.
Submitted by chica on Mar. 23, 2006

You Invented the Mix Remix This is one hot playlist. You better believe I'm gonna bump this. Nice playlist.
Submitted by DJHershey on Jun. 8, 2006

Dis shat is tight... i enjoyed listening to this remix. It not a playlist but i think uv gathered some of the best remix's iv heard in a long time. congrats
Submitted by DjToxicity on Jun. 9, 2006

how can i listen to these songs ? :S
Submitted by b2uuuu on Sep. 3, 2006

good stuff, love to the remixes
Submitted by MX on Oct. 9, 2006

well done buddy
Submitted by howdy on Nov. 10, 2006

great 4 r&b bit of a rock got myself but still cool
Submitted by Hillsy123 on Dec. 5, 2006

The links are all dead, would you fix them?
Submitted by trance on Dec. 15, 2006

Love this list! Happy music for a Happy New Year
Submitted by LTrue on Jan. 1, 2007

yeah man thats sweet...you should put NEW WORKOUT PLAN (REMIX) on there with kanye west, twista, luke, and fonzworth bentley!! have you heard that...its pretty good
Submitted by bigriles71 on Jan. 14, 2007

lol 'KillerPete' sounds like u h8 every1, looks 2 me like ur just hatin on the newer music... its a good enough playlist, have 2 b honest dont think its the best ive eva seen but it looks 2 me like u know ur music ;)
Submitted by Jamesey on Jan. 21, 2007

I agree wit killerpete, 50's a bitch strate up, so is tony yayo, That fag tony yayo beat up a 14 yr old boy cos he was the son of one of 50's enemys, who does that man, hip hop's lost its roots, the beats are tight, but all they talk about is pussy and money
Submitted by ThugAngel on Apr. 17, 2007

and the list is aight, the lyrics are pretty shit though
Submitted by ThugAngel on Apr. 17, 2007

Submitted by parmaflyer on May. 27, 2007

ya songs are tight
Submitted by harris13 on Jun. 12, 2007

tidy playlist, but I've gotta agree wit 'KillerPete', 'Hip-hop is just not the same anymore'. try listening to some UK Hip-Hop?
Submitted by carlosd on Jun. 18, 2007

How can i Download that???
Submitted by zorozoro on Jun. 27, 2007

wow alot of people like this i wonder why lol confused the hell out of me anyway ye w/e u limted yourself to remixes....where the challange in that? almost all remixes suck cept for like the ones on your list and a select few i could prolly name out and by the way but considering the date w/e u missed ALOT but w/e keep umm...impressing stupid ppl with no grasp of music i guess....or maybe do an updated list and just type rap and remix into limewire and u can find your next list
Submitted by diregone on Jul. 16, 2007

If I close my eyes, it feels like I'm in the bathroom, cause it sounds like sh!t.
Submitted by bugmenot on Jan. 12, 2008

You have great taste regarding remixes. There is nothing as cool as a well-done remix and you've obviously done your homework. Don't listen to any haters on here--they are jealous. Thanks for this list!
Submitted by wutzthedea on Feb. 9, 2009

like this song : Drop It Like It's Hot (remix)
Submitted by angelmusic on Nov. 1, 2010

nice list! :)
Submitted by JordanCatt on Jun. 26, 2014

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