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FIQL Pick The Greatest Songs from Movies in last 25 yrs ('80-'05)
They'll bring back great memories of going to the movies. They are the absolute best songs from movies in the last 25 years which encompasses 1980-2005.
May 29, 2005
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A Sad Statement for Soundtracks Some of these ring well, like Footloose and It Had to be You, but otherwise it seems to give a sense that Soundtracks aren't the best source for music (especially since this is supposed to be the best from 25 years). It's an interesting idea though... I'd have to go and do some research but I'm already thinking of Toys, Lost Highway and Tank Girl and some of the more cutting edge films that gave a front row seat to their supporting tunes.
Submitted by nyn on May. 23, 2006

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