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FIQL Pick The Songs I Can't Listen To Anymore
[Updated on June 14, 2008] This is a small collection of songs that stir some intense emotions in me. They are great songs that I can hardly listen to anymore because of the painful memories attached to them; yes, mostly from failed relationships and the fallout that follows.
June 8, 2008
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Im the same way about number 5. It made me seriously stop relating songs to people and stuff because so many bad relationships were ruining really good songs. Great list btw.
Submitted by jetsetter on Jun. 10, 2008

Great list. Follow You Into The Dark is certainly one of the saddest lovesongs ever penned.
Submitted by jocker on Jun. 14, 2008

ace list. i wouldn't say the death cab song is one of the 'saddest' lovesongs, it's certainly one of the most upsetting but the ideas behind it are really uplifting and it's nice to know that that kind of love can exist. loving the choice of weepies song too - good call.
Submitted by nugator on Jun. 18, 2008

the deathcab song really is not a sad love song for me...but gotta have you by the weepies i had never heard before until i saw your list - and now I am totally obsessed and listen to it constantly. thanks for introducing me to it!
Submitted by shernic82 on Jun. 30, 2008

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