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FIQL Pick Top 10 Songs To Make Sweet Love To
Top 10 Songs to Make Sweet Love To Hit it, never quit it, with this soundtrack of lust.  Music and sex are like peanut butter and chocolate… two great tastes that taste great together. It must be stated that although almost any song sounds great when you're getting it on (hey, you're having sex), there are those standout jams that always seem to make the experience that much more sp... [+]
Top 10 Songs to Make Sweet Love To
Hit it, never quit it, with this soundtrack of lust.

Music and sex are like peanut butter and chocolate… two great tastes that taste great together. It must be stated that although almost any song sounds great when you're getting it on (hey, you're having sex), there are those standout jams that always seem to make the experience that much more special. I've compiled a list of songs that make snogging even more scrumptious. Grab some Astroglide and start a party.

1. "Let's Get it On" - Marvin Gaye
There is no better song to make sweet love to than this. Everything from the excellent arrangement, to the silky smooth vocals, to the lyrics makes this the perfectly formulated lust potion. You could probably dedicate an entire Human Sexuality class to how great this song is, but there's no reason to. Just put it on, drop trou, and get to work, love soldiers. Marvin Gaye wrote this song so you would get laid. Take advantage of it.

2. "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" - Barry White
There probably isn't a single entertainer in the history of music who was more dedicated to people getting busy. While there are slower jams than "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," this one will send the message you're looking for—namely, let's hit this until our genitals fall off. Although Barry passed recently, you know he's looking down from heaven and smiling at the bodies writhing in primal passion while listening to his hits.

3. "Wicked Game" - Chris Isaak
This song isn't about the sweet, happy kind of love you see on McDonald's commercials, and that makes it even better to snog to. Why? Because everything ends. The psychological possibility that your lover will wake up the very next morning and start dating a Swedish Pilates instructor should make you concentrate extra hard on making this session of sweet lovemaking the very best it can be. Then, if everything falls apart, not only will you be assured that you gave it your all, but you can play the song over and over again, and remember the gristle ballet. As a special side note, this song is good if you're already bored with your partner, as you can imagine you're getting with either A) Chris Isaak or B) Helena Christenson, both of whom starred in the sexiest video ever shot.

4. "Unchained Melody" - The Righteous Brothers
You wanna know how hot this song is? It led to your creation. That's right… your sweet, unassuming parents were chuffing away at each other, and this song was on in the background. Believe it. While that imagery probably doesn't put you in the mood, just spin this record the next time your significant other is around. If the pure voices of The Righteous Brothers don't lead to some nasty, carnal lust-wrestling, you had better check your pulse. If it's good enough for Patrick and Demi, it better damn well be good enough for you.

5. "I Want Your Sex" - George Michael
The Eighties produced its share of yummy sexual anthems, but this one gets right to the point. Try not to sing it while actually making sweet love, though, as that's kind of distracting. Side Note: You don't need to imagine George Michael's jean-clad ass to enjoy this song, but it helps.

6. "Push It" - Salt N' Pepa
To those who may find it difficult to match thrusting and grinding with the bpm, relax. No one ever said you had to coordinate your lovemaking to the beat. If you choose to, however, you will burn all the calories you took in eating those message heart candies. "P-push it real good!"

7. "Cream" - Prince
Sure, Prince's entire catalog of songs could probably be listed here, but "Cream" is the song that gets straight to the point. Some might be put off by its frank discussion of bodily fluids, but to that we say, "Grow up!" If you get all tweaked out and weird about bodily fluids, then maybe you aren't mature enough to be having sex. Prince wrote this song for those of us who like to celebrate the good things in life. Like wild, unashamed, sweet love-making.

8. "Closer" - Nine Inch Nails
This one comes from a slightly different angle-- the animalistic angle. It's not subversive enough for many, and too subversive for some, making it the perfect song for boning. Why? Because in America, we always gotta feel at least a little bad about our sweet love-making, and this song helps to ratchet up the discomfort. Put this one on and be the guy in the R-rated movie, not the guy in the PG-13 movie.

9. "Add it Up" - Violent Femmes
Ah, teen angst. While the question "Why can't I get just one f***" probably doesn't need to be answered in the midst of the act, it's nice to hearken back to a time when locating some action was at once your number one mission and number one disappointment (like last week). The twanging, desperate singing and aggressive, almost-snide guitar makes this a great love-making hit.

10. "Angel" - Massive Attack
Perhaps the most rhythmically similar to the pattern of slow, methodical copulation, "Angel" is like some kind of electronic Spanish Fly. There is something very carnal about it, even though all the instruments involved in its creation are made of plastic and metal. If you absolutely, positively need to seal the deal once you've brought someone back to the place, torch this track up and watch the clothes fall like autumn leaves.

Maybe you have recently made sweet love to a song not listed here. Perhaps you make sweet love to predominantly R&B, or bump uglies to the soothing rhythms of Metallica. I don't claim that this is the definitive list for all people in history, so if you've got some of your own suggestions, I'd love to hear them [-]
October 30, 2006
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Push It lol
Submitted by DJSil3nt on Oct. 15, 2007

number 10 - best on there
Submitted by naomiomi on Oct. 16, 2007

I agree with Naomiomi... Massive Attack has perfect songs to make love to...
Submitted by Delirious on Jan. 4, 2008

closer is my all time favorite song..I could listen to it over and over.
Submitted by ljones28 on Sep. 14, 2008

i like closer, but i don't think it's quite right for " sweet love making" though lol
Submitted by danylozano on Nov. 5, 2008

push it, lmfao.
Submitted by LynyrdLuvr on Dec. 27, 2008

Otis Redding -- These Arms of Mine
Submitted by shadis06 on Feb. 10, 2009

your missing one of the greatest bro.. Fever by Michael Buble.. dude is a god..
Submitted by teufelhund on Aug. 4, 2009

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