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FIQL Pick Twenty Songs I Never Want To Hear At Karaoke Again
I admit it: I've spent enough time at a Karaoke bar to know what songs the host and regular patrons never want to hear again. (NEVER) So if you are planning to go out and give your vocal cords a night out here are some songs you should ABSOLULELE NOT SING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TO DRINK OR WHOSE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE/BIRTHDAY/GOING AWAY PARTY IT IS.
March 20, 2007
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NICE!!!!! you forgot anything by Bette Middler
Submitted by Kellyb38 on Mar. 20, 2007

Brings back some awful memories :)
Submitted by pixiefoo on Nov. 11, 2007

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