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Vilma Santos Greatest Hits
[Updated on January 11, 2007] 27 Selected Songs of Philippines Finest Actress Vilma Santos in the early 70s
November 26, 2005
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walang wenta!!!
Submitted by fhake8 on Dec. 15, 2006

at last i found it. I'll downloand it & give it to my friend , who's an avid fan of ate vi
Submitted by lucytecson on Jan. 11, 2007

Please, I like to download all of vilma santos songs, because my pareng Rick Velasco from Canada, wishes to have a complete album of ate vi. How can I download these songs?
Submitted by lucytecson on Jan. 13, 2007

ms. lucy tecson how did you downlload this playlist? thank you
Submitted by ladychoi on Jan. 27, 2007

mS lUCY tECSON you can download now
Submitted by edgar on Mar. 27, 2007

How can i download these songs?
Submitted by elias on Jun. 3, 2007

how can i download this song of Vilma Santos?
Submitted by tyrus on Jun. 7, 2007

tol pls reply ka naman how can i download these song og vilma santos and eva vivar. thanks
Submitted by tyrus on Jun. 12, 2007

tol waiting for your reply. how can i download these song of vilma santos, eva vivar and duet of vilma and edgar.thanks.
Submitted by tyrus on Jul. 1, 2007

I want to download this list and burned it to a CD for my mom, How will I do it? Please help. Thanks.
Submitted by Rendt on Aug. 2, 2007

can anyone please help me download a song or songs? thanks
Submitted by u6ytng on Sep. 5, 2007

edgar, or anyone, do you have the lyrics for bobby, bobby bobby?
Submitted by u6ytng on Sep. 5, 2007

how can I download Vilma Santos songs
Submitted by dpunz on Oct. 7, 2007

how can i save the music, im a avid fan of ate vi!
Submitted by jokoman on Oct. 25, 2007

pls proceed to www.dyesabel2005.multiply.com
Submitted by edgar on Oct. 30, 2007

to all who loved and admired the Philippines' longest Reigning Movie Queen,Miss Vilma Santos,her cd collections of all her songs is still available in all record bars in the Philippines.i purchased 2 dozens when i was there last year and gave to all my vilmanian friends here in dubai.anyway,thanks edgar for the effort for this playlist of vilma.
Submitted by rosing on Dec. 18, 2007

kuya pano to madownload.. ang cute ng voice ni ate v.. d best!!!
Submitted by tatu007 on Dec. 10, 2009

Hi how can I download the songs?
Submitted by bambina on Apr. 30, 2011

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