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Lostprophets photo
Something about the cruising-with-the-top-down, teen-empowerment anthems of Lostprophets screams all-Americanism, so it's a surprise to learn that the band is actually from a small town outside Cardiff, Wales. Starting in 2000, the good-looking, alt-rock radio-ready six-piece gained notoriety in their home country with their first two albums, eventually playing sold-out arenas and the main stage of the Reading Festival. Album number three, Liberation Transmission, was release...  [+]
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Project Playlist
I moved my playlist here and now i can WATCH videos of all my songs by clicking on the Video Play...
Nanners created this playlist on Nov. 30, 2006 - 7 bumps - 83683 views
Sad Depressing Songs
Depressing songs
irem117 created this playlist on Apr. 22, 2007 - 0 bumps - 5214 views
Bombin' The Slopes (Read: Snowboarding 100mph)
FIQL Pick The best mix of high-adrenaline music for shreddin' the slobes and taking out skiers. 99% of the...
RdHtErth89 created this playlist on Jan. 12, 2008 - 2 bumps - 4783 views
All About The Rock
FIQL Pick A playlist of great rock, from hard rock, to alternative rock, to pop rock, to ska, and everythin...
goalking91 created this playlist on Mar. 27, 2005 - 2 bumps - 4164 views
Pump Up Mix For Anything
This mix can get you pumped up for whatever you need it for. I tried to stem from the all-metal ...
treser77 created this playlist on Feb. 9, 2008 - 1 bump - 4083 views
Angry/Breakup Mix#2
As requested, the second mix of Angry/Breakup songs.please comment.
acidburn created this playlist on Sep. 12, 2007 - 0 bumps - 3819 views
Work Out List Pt.583
I know work out lists have been done before, but I went ahead and did my own list that I have alw...
liar06 created this playlist on Sep. 5, 2006 - 3 bumps - 3670 views
Good Songs For Running Or For The Bus Trip/Car Trip
these songs are good for long car/bus trips or for running to/excercising to.
emz created this playlist on Sep. 23, 2008 - 0 bumps - 3329 views
Break Up Songs :(
songs i think are good to listen to when you've split up with someone. i wouldn't listen to them ...
killerbeat created this playlist on Sep. 30, 2007 - 1 bump - 3048 views
So Over It..
FIQL Pick Okay so you got dumped (or maybe you're the dumpee). Don't listen to mopey tunes that'll bring...
angelpaws created this playlist on May. 16, 2008 - 0 bumps - 2725 views
Alternative - 2005 - Pt.1
(no description entered)
GordonUM created this playlist on Jan. 3, 2006 - 0 bumps - 2505 views
Scream Your Heart Out!!!
Better out than in...
gilbz created this playlist on Aug. 28, 2007 - 0 bumps - 2384 views
Want 2 Cheer Up?... These Are For You !( No Rap Nonsense)
all of these songs are top class, they are also in my top-rated..... worth downloading them !!!!!...
connor created this playlist on Apr. 25, 2007 - 0 bumps - 2326 views
Road Ragin'
Songs that just make you wanna drive faster!!
beach3519 created this playlist on Feb. 4, 2006 - 1 bump - 2310 views
Never Gets Old
FIQL Pick I chose all these songs in this playlist because no matter what I'll always listen to them. Thes...
insom25 created this playlist on Oct. 25, 2006 - 5 bumps - 2294 views
Confessions Of A Mixed Up Heart (Part One)
FIQL Pick A playlist for when you donít understand where you are in your relationship. What the other party...
Hidingstu created this playlist on Mar. 1, 2010 - 0 bumps - 2242 views
For Those Moments Of Silence
FIQL Pick For the moments where you don't know what to really do. Don't know what to feel. Slow and somewha...
ArPrincess created this playlist on Feb. 28, 2010 - 1 bump - 2207 views
Not Your Average Radio Shit
No Fall Out! At the Hawthorne Disco on this playlist.Broaden your music taste.Love it...
grass1719 created this playlist on Jun. 1, 2006 - 0 bumps - 2125 views
Slower, Slightly Sad Songs
Songs that have a very sad feel around them, and in my case can be sometimes hard to listen to.
LlamaLlove created this playlist on Jun. 21, 2007 - 1 bump - 2043 views
A Bit Of Everything
My current playlist on my Ipod, should keep me occupied for sometime. Just a pretty random sele...
tshgraham created this playlist on Aug. 30, 2005 - 0 bumps - 1897 views
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